Susan Thomas and Stanley

When my nephew came to live with me four years ago, he was very behind in school. I found Faithful Academy, which promised an individualized curriculum that would recognize his differences and challenge him to improve. At Faithful Academy he has had small classes that allow the teachers to work directly with him. He has received dyslexia training weekly and I have seen his reading skills and confidence improve. I love that he begins each day with prayer and song. We are looking forward to seeing what God will do in his life as he begins a new chapter in high school at Faithful!

Karen and Bryan Chamberlain

Faithful Academy has given me that peace of mind in knowing that my son is getting every opportunity to succeed academically and spiritually. From the first day my son attended Faithful Academy 5 years ago, he told me, “he loved the school and he wanted to go back.” My son had a long road ahead of him. Being a grade level behind in his reading and being diagnosed with dyslexia, the amazing teachers embraced him and give him the tools, skills and self-confidence to manage his dyslexia and to being his reading up to grade level. With small group sizes, it gives my son the opportunity to have that  one-on-one with his teachers and to feel safe and valued in an environment that he knows that its okay to be different, I’m very thankful for Faithful Academy. 

Michelle and Andy Miller    

“Faithful schooling has been an answer to our prayers. Our previous worries with schooling have been erased.  Our children’s education has been tailored to fit their specific learning needs and they have flourished because of it. We have two children that have very different ways of learning. Faithful has worked with each, encouraged them and gave them high expectations. As a result, my children have progressed more than we ever would have expected. I feel that they are happier and more confident in themselves than ever before. We love the Faithful family and it has been such a God send!

Kathleen Shipley and Family

Faithful Schooling has been such a blessing to our family! The growth that my grandchildren have experienced in the last two years has been amazing!  As is typical of many families, each boy has different interests, strengths, and weaknesses.  Faithful Schooling is able to tailor the way each student is taught to meet their individual needs. Classes are small, so the teachers can give specific help to their students. Creativity and thinking outside of the box is encouraged.   My grandchildren have learned so much and have gained confidence in their abilities and in themselves.  In addition to all of that,  the children are taught how to live out their Christian faith in today’s world.  Come visit Faithful Schooling and experience a whole new way of learning. You will be glad you did!!

 Ellen Baber 

My son has struggled with learning difficulties and when we where introduced to Faithful and Rhonda it was definitely a Godsend. I can’t say enough about this school. In one year they brought him up 3 math grade levels and he continues to succeed. The smaller class atmosphere is wonderful. The teachers are able to give one on one attention and help these students excel in learning. My son is now in 9th grade and feels more confident about his future and nothing can hold him back from succeeding. Send your child to shadow and I promise you it will be the change that they need to succeed.My son started Faithful Schooling one year ago and I can’t believe all of the positive changes in that one short year! School used to be such a struggle for him- he would spend hours every night trying his hardest to understand and complete homework, but it never really “worked”. He was left falling behind and was very angry because of it. But because of the small class size, individually tailored education, one on one attention given to every student, Christian values taught in chapel every morning, strict “no bullying” policy, and “out of the box” learning techniques used, my child is now succeeding! He knows he is valued and loved, and that is something he never felt in any other school. He no longer fears being made fun of for not understanding. He no longer worries about kids being mean to him. He just gets to go to school and learn and have a really good time doing so! I am so thankful for this school, for Rhonda, and for God for bringing us here. Faithful Schooling has literally changed his life!