Our Story

Rhonda Sparks Daley
Executive Director

Rhonda is a former public-school math teacher who had a vision to make home schooling available to all. Starting a business in the dining room of her home in 2014, Rhonda began homeschooling her own children…and 8 other students who needed a home school setting to flourish. And flourish they did. Two years later, Rhonda had a staff of certified teachers acting as personal tutors to home school children in an environment that deliberately mimicked the home school scenario. She believes in very small class sizes, certified compassionate teachers, and a faith-based environment. She believes not only in teaching them school lessons but incorporating real life lessons and community service to teach children to be productive citizens in their future. Fast forward six years and classes moving into a 10,000 sq ft building located on Eastex Freeway, Faithful has grown into a new business. In 2019, Faithful Academy was incorporated and is a new non-profit 5013c organization.

Faithful Academy is proudly continuing Rhonda’s vision to provide a customized home school experience for students who want to be uniquely taught. Faithful Academy believes it would benefit every child to have the opportunity to attend a small setting such as ours in order to meet their full potential. There are no age-based limitations on what your child can learn in the Faithful Academy environment. So, if you are looking for something truly personalized, then we are more than likely what you are searching for.

Are you interested in taking the next step in placing your child in a learning environment where they will thrive?