Our School Concept

At Faithful Academy we are an “out of the box” school setting. There is no other school setting like ours in Southeast Texas, private or public. We are serving students that are not thriving in a common school setting. We are meeting the needs of families who would like to homeschool their child but are unable to do that at this time. We are serving families upset their children are frustrated and feeling overwhelmed, and do not know where to turn. We are meeting the needs of children feeling inadequate in their school and are not in the correct environment for their learning needs, thus, leading to shutting down.

This Academy has individualized lesson plans, 5 to 8 students per classroom with a certified teacher, faith-based, and not only do we teach them school lessons, but we incorporate real life lessons and community service to teach children to be productive citizens in their future. You will not find ‘canned’ lesson plans, test driven curriculum, or 70% as the ‘passing goal’. We expect more from our students and pride ourselves on the unique approach taken to meet each student individually where they are in their own learning. We meet this goal by providing in ways from a comfortable learning environment, available flexible seating, low lighting, mood stimulating wall colors, and incorporation of essential oils, toxin free organic cleaning agents, salt rock lamps , and several options for learning to meet the many learning modalities. We BELIEVE if we provide the BEST environment for every student, then the student will rise to the occasion and give 100% everyday to meet the challenge. We spend time prayerfully engaging our students in daily talks of faith, believing in their abilities, and encouraging their belief in others. We are ONE family at Faithful Academy.

Rather than a grade level for grouping and setting curriculum goals, Faithful uses a level system for all students. This allows each child to progress at their own level and pace and allows for the student and teacher to work together to close gaps in education. Students can, and have, leveled up during a school year based on their progression of their academic goals. Our goal is to have consistently small class size, 1:1 instruction, and room for growth. We believe this is a strong equation to raise successful, happy children. We hope you will prayerfully consider choosing us as your educational option for your child.

Next Steps… Call us for a Tour of the School during any school day 7:45-3:45 pm M-Th, or attend one of our informative meetings. Check our FB page for events or updates !