Admissions FAQ

I have decided to homeschool my child and enroll him/her in Faithful Academy. What do I need to do for my child’s current school?
Once your child is accepted into Faithful then you will email the principal of the school your child attends and tell him that you are withdrawing your child to homeschool. You may need to fill out a form at the school office.

I do not know the rules for homeschooling in Texas. Can you give me some information?
Home schools in Texas have been determined by the Texas Supreme Court to be considered private schools. Private schools are not regulated by the State of Texas. Many parents must obtain curriculum which teaches reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics and a study of good citizenship. You must pursue that curriculum in a bonafide manner. At Faithful Academy we have done all that work for you and not only provide the curriculum but also certified teachers to help your child learn 4 days a week, which leaves afternoons and long weekends for electives and quality family time without the stress of homework.

Should my child want to return to public school, what is the process?
School districts set the requirements for entry into their schools. This is a local decision not one made by the State of Texas. From experience, schools in the Southeast Texas may do placement testing
just to know which class to enroll your child.

How is High School different at Faithful Academy?
Our high school program will be much like what is found in a university setting. Students will not be required to attend “full time.” You may register your student for the classes you want them to take in order to complete your homeschooling curricula. We will continue to offer the core classes needed to obtain a Texas High School diploma, but you will have the ability to customize your student’s education based on what best fits the needs of your family. They have the option to take the college path curriculum or the technical path.

Our full-time learning tracts will provide instruction from certified teachers and will allow the student more time to pursue personal interests such as a job or hobby, and/or special-interest classes. We do prefer students to sign up for a full day of classes if that is your choice.