Faculty and Staff

Core Classes are taught by CERTIFIED Teachers and Electives may be taught by Professionals, Community Members, Parents, or other qualified individuals. EACH individual is screened and prayerfully considered by Rhonda Sparks as to the ‘fit’ within the Faithful Academy teaching model.

Rhonda Sparks Daley
Executive Director
B.S., Lamar University

Carolyn Boyd
History Teacher
B.S., Lamar University

Cyndy Kiefer
English Language Arts Teacher
B.S., Lamar University

Kim Hinkie
Science Teacher
B.S., Lamar University
Kim@ FaithfulAcademy.com

Cindy Tomlinson
Elementary Education
B.S., Lamar University

Karen Granato
ASL and Barton Reading Teacher

Olivia Floyd
Fine Arts and ASL teacher

Brooke Tant
Arts instructor

Sonny Sparks
Robotics instructor

Porsche Perez
Masters of Education in Counseling
Counselor and Life Coach