Dyslexia Program

Faithful Academy is so glad to offer reading tutoring to both, enrolled and outside students! The Barton Reading Program is a teaching method created for students with dyslexia. This program is one of several reading programs that are based on the highly structured Orton–Gillingham approach. Barton is a “multisensory” program and uses all the senses to help children make connections between sounds and words. Barton encourages one-on-one teaching for best results. Before a child starts the program, students are screened to ensure they have the basic skills they need to succeed. There are 10 levels in the program. All students start at the same level and follow the same, scripted teaching plan. At Faithful Academy a typical session is one-on-one and lasts 50 minutes with our trained staff member. Students are assessed at the end of each level for mastery in order to assess how successful the program is for your child.

For Barton classes it is required to have 2 scheduled sessions weekly. Cost is $90 for 2 – 50 minute sessions for outside students. Barton is included for full-time students and no extra charge.

Please contact us for more information on the Barton Reading program at Faithful Academy!